We recommend that you choose from outfits already available on our website. But, if you do wish to customize – we do work along with you to create your dream outfit following the guidelines stated below.


    • Choose the outfit and discuss changes if any with the design team
    • Advance payment of 70% to be paid to confirm the order
    • Measeurement chart will be sent to you to fill in case of outstation orders or will be taken in person at our Studio.
    • We can assist you via video calls to do the measurements
    • On completion, outfit pictures and videos will be shared via whatsapp
    • Balance is to be paid along with shipping charges (For international orders) before dispatch.
    • No exchange or refund for orders or advance Paid is possible. Once the design is confirmed, we do not encourage any modifications later on as it hinders the process of production.


  • If the measurement chart is followed, we can guarantee you a good fit without alterations. You can also tighten or losen easily with the help of a local tailor where we can guide you over calls on what needs to be done.
  • You can also send the outfit back to us for alterations if it’s feasible. Shipping cost needs to be bourne by the client.


  • Can customize colors wherever possible, depends on availability of fabric
  • Can customize to size - Design customization across designs done by STUDIO 149 is doable (choosing style, DETAILS, fabrics sor embroideries from different STUDIO 149 outfits to be incorporated in your design)
  • NO COPIES – we detest the idea of making copies
  • Complete customization from scratch is available only for outfits with budget over INR 50,000
  • Reference images of the internet are welcome if you are open to our own version of the same
  • An advance payment of INR 10,000 to be paid to inititate discussion which will go towards the cost of the outfit
  • Sketches will be discussed in detail with fabric choices.
  • Its not possible to show the final outfit before it is made – Hence opt for customization only if you can give us design freedom and trust our design decisions
  • In between making pictures of garment or embroideries will not be shared
  • Once a design is finalised, no changes can be made while it is on production
  • On finalization of design a toatl of 70% of estimated cost needs to be paid (inclusive of 10% paid at the beginning)
  • Balance of 30% with GST to be paid before dispatch
  • CAN DISCUSS WITH US OVER CALLS - +91 8148 637 647 (12NOON – 8PM IST) WHATSAPP +44 7754 865 886