Studio 149 is a brand that has organically evolved since its inception in 2013. People have always been curious about the name , which denotes the address of the space where our designs are churned out and which now also houses the ready to wear collection. Our brand makes exclusive couture for women focusing on nuances in cuts, eclectic mix of the right fabrics, appealing silhouettes, contemporary drapes and very fine embellishment. We focus on the nature of the women who wear the clothes so that the creations can compliment them and give them confidence to face the world. In an era where one goes by fashion trends, which suit only a handful, Studio 149 strives to make clothes that suit different personalities and body types, at the same time being stylish & chic.

Fashion is for everyone and it is a way of expressing yourself. We, at Studio 149, believe in making timeless outfits that will be value additions to your wardrobe. Studio 149 is an ever evolving label headed by a team of young and vibrant designers having diverse interests and credentials in the field of fashion. We work along with an amazing team of craftsmen to create unique hand-crafted outfits that are a perfect complement to every changing season in fashion, making sure we always formulate for our clients, a bold fashion statement .

- Swathi Purushothaman


We recommend that you choose from outfits already available on our website. But, if you do wish to customize. we do work along with you to create your dream outfit following the guidelines

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I have always been a jack of all trades, but king of none. This made me realize that probably that is my strength. I never isolate the things that i do from each other - be it design, architecture, dance , relationships with people, places and things. I have a strange way of bringing them all together and this has made me enjoy my work process and drives me to do better. The love for well-made clothes that are unique and reflect one's personality is what got me making clothes for friends and family initially. With appreciation and demand for more, Studio 149 happened very organically and I didn't have any vision for it 8 years back. This is a baby I never planned on having - but have nurtured with all my heart. Moving to the UK post wedding has given me new waters to test and widened my horizons. Looking back today, I feel the journey here has taught me that every downfall makes me get back up stronger, every mistake teaches a new lesson and every relationship I have made contributes to my growth as a person, designer and entrepreneur.


I don’t design clothes, I design dreams” by Ralph Lauren, inspires me always and has an impact on the way I design clothes. Studying in NIFT, Chennai gave me a thrust to my exorbitant passion towards design. Clothes to me aren’t something that someone wear just to cover them self. But it is an expression of our self, portraying how we feel and show who we are to the world. I always wanted to explore the fashion industry in other parts of the world. So, I completed a course in Laselle College of the Arts, Singapore which divulged that I am good in experimenting new silhouettes, design details and colour combination. As a designer, I believe that everyone has their own comfort and style and it is my role as a designer to make their dream cloth a reality. Studio 149 has helped me a lot to improve my skills and I take immense pleasure to be a part of the team.


An engineer turned designer, I took control of my life in 2017 when I decided to quit my job at infosys and make a career out of my passion. If not this decision, my life would have turned out very differently. I took the plunge and haven’t looked back since. I have always been an artsy person growing up, while I most figured it was just a hobby, I knew I belonged in the fashion industry because colour, texture and designs have always fascinated me since I was a child. Growing up in a conservative family, seeing women not building a career of their interest instead choosing to take care of their families always made me realise that I shouldn’t give up on my dreams of building my career, I told my self that I should always stand up for myself and that it’s going to be a cause worth fighting for.I believe my love for design and fashion would someday take me to places where I want to be and I’m glad to be a part of Studio149 team and striving to be better at work. When you love your work, it’s never too much. WORK HARD BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR IT, this is something that I have learnt from my dad. “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.


Designing an outfit is like an adventure, a joyous one to me. It is like an evolutionary process,a process I definitely am passionate about. From having a vision in mind to giving structure and form to a flat piece of fabric, embellishing it, detailing inch to inch of a stitch, playing with colours, and what makes it all worthy as a designer is seeing the end product. Bringing in art and creating a story in a garment is what I’m always wanting to create, a perfect ensemble for the right wearer. Exposing myself to this industry at a quite young age was a challenge. But at Studio 149, my design aesthetics are being paved the right path and I would forever be grateful to it.